For this company we are proving support in the launching of a very unique and an innovative product in the French market: doors and garage doors which are resistant to high water and floods. For this unique, patented product we have taken the responsibilities of doing a market analysis, provided a complete communication and a market development strategy and the assumption of the general sales for France. We provide a targeted approach to resellers, are available for them as a contact and ensure a smooth flow of sales to the installation of the doors and garage doors at the customer’s home.

Heavy rains and floods are causing great damage not only in Germany but also in France, many homeowners often struggle with water in their parking garages or basements. This is partly due to the special construction methods as practiced for decades in France and some parts of Germany: The garage is usually constructed in the basement of the houses, which of course saves space and is also quite convenient because it makes accessibility in and from the house without necessarily getting dirty or wet. This type of design is undoubtedly very vulnerable to the heavy rains and floods which the areas have started to experience due to the changes of climate.