About us and what we do


To establish a business in a foreign complex market can be pretty challenging and tideous without an excellent market overview. With a wide range of Industry-specific knowledge of the French and German markets, our intercultural competence and not the least a longstanding experience in different sectors of communication, baucomm provides a solution for foreign companies who wish to penetrate and get established into the German/French markets. Furthermore, we do a market analysis for our clients and generate recommendations for action accompanied with a suitable communication and a marketing strategy for your business.

For the last 15 years we have successfully installed more than 60 worldwide known companies in the French and German markets. Just to mention a few in the list are; ebm papst, Schöck, Trumpf, etc. Even though we have been working for global brands, we are also interested to work for the smaller companies (in Germany called “Mittelstand”) for whom we created our full service offer including distribution support.

Please do not hesitate to send us any requests pertaining the French and German Markets. Finding a solution for you is our commitment!