Marketing and communication strategy

When the clarification of the positioning and the right sales strategy have been done, what follows is a goal-oriented market-adapted communication strategy.

In this case, the consequential factor to consider is that the cultural differences may spur certain positive outcomes in the course of cooperation. If, however, they go unrecognized or are not sufficiently taken into account, these differences can cause difficulties and conflicts in business relations with partners from other countries. The challenge of relations between different cultures is particularly acute in business communication: About one third of all international projects suffer to a considerable extent precisely from a lack of cultural awareness. For example, comparing the French and the Germans, the French style tends to be more implicit and seductive mainly drawing upon the imagination, whereas the German style resorts to direct, explicit communication putting forward product benefits.

Having had a longstanding experience in communication and intercultural competence, we know exactly which communication channels and which means of communication are useful to reach your target groups in both countries most efficiently and move them to action.