Active sales support

Country distributor for the French & German market

French is the national language of France and is highly regarded as a symbol of the culture. The people of France generally prefer to speak and be spoken to, in French. So therefore whoever wants to do business with French people should speak their language. Especially when initiating first business contacts, it is important to note that French executives tend to focus on long term business relationships and therefore it is very important to build up a rapport with them from the word go!

Relationships are an important part of the French business culture and you will often spend a few minutes or even longer getting to know your colleagues/business partners before discussing business. The Germans on the contrary would be pleased to directly talk about business. The decision making pace in the French business etiquette is rather slow, patience is therefore highly recommendable whereas pressure will be taken negatively. Unlike the Germans, French people focus on discussion and exchange of information. The Germans are rather straight to the point.

We have specialized in offering support for exploratory talks as well as acting as a general agency upon request and thus being a first contact for new French or German business partners. We answer questions about products and services, compile and summarize offers and ensure smooth communication with customers and resellers.